Netmagis: Documentation

Installation manual

Detailed installation instructions for the 2.3.x releases.

You may also be interested in reading:

If you are installing an old version of Netmagis, you may want to read detailed installation instructions for the previous 2.2 release.

Release notes and upgrade instructions

Release notes explain differences with previous versions. Upgrade instructions explain how to upgrade from previous versions of Netmagis.

Presentations in English

Netmagis have been the subject of various talks:

Articles in French

Netmagis was the basis of three papers in the French speaking conference JRES:

  • a "lightning-talk" about the new functions in Netmagis during the JRES'13. You can read the slides
  • an article to announce the 2.0 release during JRES'11. You can consult:
  • an article to present the network information system for the Osiris metropolitan area network in Strasbourg (France), during JRES'05. This shows the ecosystem of Netmagis. You can consult:
  • a poster at the JRES'03 conference. There is also a short paper.

Even if the JRES conference is focused on Education and Research networks, Netmagis can be used in various environments (ISP, small businesses, corporate networks, etc.).

Moreover, Netmagis is used to ease transition of an organization to authentified SMTP. This is described in this presentation at the JRES'09 conference.

Old documentations

Release 2.2 installation manual.

Release 2.1 installation manual.

Very old documentations (in French)

Release 1.5 installation manual: PDF HTML

Release 1.4 installation manual: PDF HTML

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